Magnetic Resonance – a peer-reviewed, critical introduction.

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The Basic Textbook
of the European Magnetic Resonance Forum

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

Billboard-Animation We like books! Printed on paper, if possible with a beautiful hardcover binding.

Thus, putting one of the standard textbooks on the internet was a challenge for us. We hope that the looks of the real textbook have not been lost completely – and, at the same time, that the advantages of e-learning bear fruit.

If you want to learn something about magnetic resonance imaging or its applications choose your topic of interest. If you want to learn it from scratch start with Chapter 1; and if you want to air your brain, read the comments that are scattered in between and flagged with a writer's quill:

This one, for instance, tells the story of how it all began.
Once upon a time, not so long ago ...

We hope that this textbook will be useful for you and that you will enjoy it. If you have comments or suggestions, please write to us.

Peter A. Rinck, Editor-in-Chief
on behalf of all contributors and collaborators

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