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The Team

Editor-in-Chief: Peter A. Rinck

Editorial Board: Patricia de Francisco, Robert N. Muller


 e wish to express out appreciation to numerous colleagues who, as ex­perts in their field, have shared their knowledge and helped us with con­struc­tive criticism and helpful suggestions.

There has been a long list of contributors to this and earlier versions, among them Atle Bjørnerud, Patricia de Francisco, Jürgen Hennig, Richard A. Jones, Jørn Kværness, Robert N. Muller, Gunvor Robertsen, Timothy E. Southon, and Geir Torheim. Their support, ideas, dedication, and feedback have added much to the quality of this work.

We are also indebted to our friends who took care of some of the translations of the printed version, among them Andrea Giovagnoni for the Italian edition, Va­len­tin Sinitsyn for the latest Russian edition, and Song Yingru for the printed Chinese edition.

e-Learning Editions

All translations are based upon the latest English edition or its latest updates. At present, the implementations of Spanish and Chinese versions are on their way; drafts of German, French, and Russian versions are finished. Each version has its own Editor-in-Charge.

Spanish_Team_2015 spaceholder orange  The Editors-in-Charge of the Spanish e-Learning edition are Luis Martí-Bonmatí and Ángel Alberich-Bayarri from Valencia, supported by Patricia de Francisco. This edition is work-in-progress.

Top picture, from left to right:
Luis Martí-Bonmatí, Patrica de Francisco, and Peter A. Rinck.

More of the Spanish team – top row, from left to right: Ángel Alberich-Bayarri, Carlos Aboud, Jesus Javier Collado, Gracian García-Martí.
Bottom row: Vicente Navarro, Alexandre Perez, Jose C. Rayón-Aledo, and Roberto Sanz.

Spanish version 9 beta.

Zhou+Rinck 2010 spaceholder orange  The Editor-in-Charge of the Chinese e-Learning edition is Qiuju Zhou, on this picture together with Peter A. Rinck. This edition is work-in-progress.

Chinese version 8 beta.

Note: The Chinese version might not be accessible everywhere in the world at all times due to restrictions beyond our influence.

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