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Peter A. Rinck
Magnetic Resonance
in Medicine

A Peer-Reviewed Critical Introduction

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Contents of the e-Textbook
14th edition, 2024

spaceholder  Foreword
spaceholder  The Author
spaceholder  Reviews

spaceholder  01 Magnetism and Electricity
spaceholder  02 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
spaceholder  03 Instrumentation
spaceholder  04 Relaxation Times and Pulse Sequences
spaceholder  05 Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
spaceholder  06 Image Formation
spaceholder  07 Data Transformation: k-Space
spaceholder  08 Rapid Imaging
spaceholder  09 Image Characteristics: The MR Image
spaceholder  10 MR Image Contrast
spaceholder  11 Advanced Contrast Concepts
spaceholder  12 Contrast Agent Fundamentals
spaceholder  13 Contrast Agents
spaceholder  14 Bulk Flow, MR Angiography, Cardiac MR
spaceholder  15 Image Processing and Visualization
spaceholder  16 Dynamic Imaging
spaceholder  17 Common Artifacts in MR Imaging
spaceholder  18 Safety of Patients and Personnel

spaceholder  19 Non-Medical Applications

spaceholder  20 The History of MR Imaging
spaceholder  21 MR Imaging: Facts and Figures

spaceholder  Glossary
spaceholder  Abbreviations and Acronyms
spaceholder  References

spaceholder  Disclaimer


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